Collaborative Event Video Compilation App

The fun and easy way to make sure you get all of the footage you and your friends film.

You and your friends record your event. We’ll compile the footage and send it you.

Tired of your favorite memories disappearing? Download GroupReel and immortalize your night with HD cinematic landscape videos. Talk to us after about editing your videos.


Film with Friends. Your Footage will be sent to you.


Collaborative video capture app technology plus industry video editing pros

🎥 Invite your friends to join your GroupReel. Use the in-app camera for cinematic landscape-enforced filming to capture every angle in beautiful HD. 

🎬 You are the director. Any event you imagine can become a GroupReel. Each Reel will be unique… weddings, house parties, global excursions, corporate events, etc.

🔒 We’ll deliver your GroupReel video footage before deleting all trace of it from our secure, private servers forever. Your privacy is important to us.

Did You Know?

Modern smartphones are already filming HD video.

Leading video filming apps like SnapChat and Instagram actually compress the video when you upload.

GroupReel does not compress HD footage.

This means that your final product will not only be edited by a professional, the video quality will be in HD.

How GroupReel Works


Share Your Reel Code

Tell your group to download the GroupReel app and join your Reel.


Film Your Event

You and your group shoot video from your own perspectives.


Upload to Shared Reel

Your group submits footage to the reel throughout the event.


Check Your Inbox for a Collection of You and Your Friend’s Footage

Our professional editors create and send your custom event video.

Videos for Any Occasion

Capture Real Moments

Affordable Videography



What Our Reelers Are Saying

“It was exciting to capture footage knowing that later it would be compiled into an awesome video!

All I had to do was capture the moments.

It made my vacation so much more enjoyable, and now I have something to look back on. 10/10 would recommend for anyone going on vacation!”

Melissa DuBious
Trip to Grand Teton

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